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Click here to learn more about how you can enjoy a 3 hour cruise on the Illinois River!  We offer 3 cruises every day - Late morning cruise, afternoon cruise, and a favorite for most, evening sunset cruise.

Sunset Cruise

The Sunset Sailing Cruise is the most popular cruise we offer.  Take a look at the Photos page and you'll see why!

Sailing Lessons

Whether you are brand new to sailing or have been sailing a while and would like to learn the finer points of sail trimming, I can tailor a class for you!

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About Us


My name is Capt. Brad Lathrop.  I've been around boating most of my life, everything from fishing boats to ski boats.  After a friend took me sailing several years ago, I fell in love with sailing and have not looked back since.  While I still enjoy the go-loud/go-fast boats now and then, I really enjoy the peace, the quiet, and the tranquility, which are the hallmarks of sailing.  I love being able to listen to the wildlife, the sound of the wind in the sails, and the water against the hull.  It's an awesome experience I never tire of and I look forward to sharing that with you!

Now that I am retired, I am pursuing my "Dream Job" of sail cruising and sailing instruction.  I had been doing the cruising and instruction on a limited basis for more than 9 years.  This year is my 5th year in business as Sail Peoria.  We are blessed to have had tremendous success with all 5 Star reviews!

Give me a call and let me introduce you to the exciting world of sailing!


My Bio:

Capt. Brad 

Brad Lathrop:

USCG Licensed Captain

More than 36 years of boating experience of all types

More than 3000 hours of on-the-water sailing experience in my current sailboat with experience on lakes, rivers, the Great Lakes, as well as the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

Published 6 times in 4 different magazines including the latest article Cruising the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior in Blue Water Sailing magazine

Faculty member with the Great Lakes Cruising Club School

About the Boat

The SV Heaven Bound is a Macgregor 26S fractional rigged sloop.  She is 26' long and 8' wide.  She has an average cruising speed of 5 - 7 miles per hour depending on wind speed and wind direction.   Her cockpit is large enough to seat 4 people comfortably.

She is one of the largest sailboats specifically designed to be able to sail in shallow waters such as we have on the Illinois River.  With her retractable keel and rudder she can sail in as little as 18" of water or in the deepest ocean.

While a 26' sailboat is not very large, she is large enough that we spend at least 2 weeks every year sailing the Great Lakes.  She is equipped with a queen size bed and a small galley.  She also has a pop-top roof that allows for 6' of headroom inside part of the cabin.  Not exactly a luxury cruiser, but nice enough for a 2 week cruise!

Boat Port Side

This is the port view of "Heaven Bound" docked for the evening.  Notice how she sits low and sleek on the water.  This gives everyone in the cockpit a much better view!


Cockpit View

This is the cockpit view.  As you can see, 6 people could comfortably sit here, however, as you can also see, floor space is somewhat limited, which is why we must limit cruises to a maximum of 4 people.


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Monday thru Thursday 10 am - 10 pm

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